• Built specifically for eCommerce platforms
  • Cloud Accelerator
  • 24/7 support team
  • More premium prices
  • Storage space is smaller than ideal

Nexcess is one of the best Web hosting providers that offer various features at great prices. Features and expenses have been optimized according to the established CMS. It has great pricing plans and excellent support, making it a viable option for beginners and professionals. The CMSes list includes WordPress and Magento. Nexcess provides GTmetrix Performance A-class performance for websites.
Nexcess has great exciting features, a decent server infrastructure, and good support for its hosting service, which is a mid-level hosting. Using Nexcess for website migrations is even more effective.
Because they are free and included in every plan, each plan hosted by Nexcess comes with free auto-scaling for 24 hours per month to handle daily traffic fluctuations for free without any hidden fees. For planned traffic peaks, Advanced Auto Scaling can drive the required traffic

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