• Beginner-friendly
  • Affordable per-hour pricing
  • Full root access
  • 99.77% uptime
  • Scalable solutions
  • No phone support
  • Pricey add-ons
  • Limited live chat hours

Why we picked it:

DreamHost offers a comprehensive cloud computing solution that integrates both DreamCompute, a cloud computing platform, and DreamObjects, a cloud object storage system. The platform grants users full root access and provides ample opportunities for scalability, with the ability to scale both vertically and horizontally. Additionally, all code used in the platform is open source, enabling the cloud to evolve in line with changing needs and demands. The cloud is compatible with a broad range of operating systems, including Linux, BSD, and Microsoft Windows.

The pricing model employed by DreamHost is innovative and user-friendly, as it is based on usage and is charged on an hourly basis. This ensures that users only pay for the resources they consume. The rates for the service start at $0.0075 per hour for a 512MB RAM configuration, with a monthly cap of $4.50. For larger configurations, the rates max out at $0.15 per hour for 16GB of RAM, with a monthly cap of $96. Additionally, DreamHost provides the option to purchase additional storage blocks in 100GB increments for a monthly fee of $10

Who should use it:

DreamHost is a highly suitable option for individuals who are new to cloud hosting and seeking a cost-effective solution that delivers exceptional quality. The platform provides a cost-conscious alternative to traditional cloud hosting services while maintaining a high level of performance and reliability.

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