The most popular WordPress themes for gaming websites

The Best WordPress Themes for Gaming Websites

Are you looking for the perfect WordPress theme for your new gaming website? You’ve come to the right place! The right WordPress theme can take your gaming site to the next level, and we’ve got a list of the best ones available.

1. Game Plan Theme

Game Plan is a great WordPress theme for gaming sites that can showcase all the latest games, reviews, ratings, and even forums. The built-in customizer allows you to create the team that works for you, and keep the site looking stylish.

2. GamerZeep Theme

GamerZeep is a well-designed WordPress theme for gaming sites. It has support for Visual Composer, as well as an impressive selection of gaming-related icons, headers and footers for maximum customization.

3. WildGame Theme

WildGame is a must-have WordPress theme for gaming sites. It stands out with its vibrant colour scheme and cool, modern design. It also features options for custom navigation and post formats, video and audio support, and much more.

4. GamerHolics Theme

GamerHolics is a theme specifically designed for gaming websites. It has a sleek design, fast loading times, and comes with useful features such as social media integration, page builders and eCommerce support.

5. Sword & Sorcery Theme

If you’re looking for something a bit more medieval, then the Sword & Sorcery theme is for you. This WordPress theme for gaming sites has a fun, medieval vibe and is highly customizable, with options for custom backgrounds and featured posts.


Whether you’re looking for a gaming-themed WordPress theme or searching for the perfect backdrop for your gaming website, these five themes should give you the perfect combination of style and functionality. So choose one of these amazing WordPress themes, and your gaming site will be up and running in no time.

Enjoy your gaming!

What are the best WordPress themes for gaming blogs?

1. OceanWP

2. Zakra

3. Expound

4. Divi

5. GamezBox

6. Acclaim

7. Athemes Armory

8. Fictive

9. ShoppingCart

10. Gamerz Orro

These WordPress themes for gaming blogs provide you with the ability to create content tailored for the niche, including interactive gameplay, streaming, video reviews, and more. Stylishly designed graphics, sliders, and widgets help to bring the content to life and make the blogs stand out. All of these themes offer modern tools to build your gaming blog and give your readers an exciting online experience.

What free WordPress themes are available for gaming blogs?

1. Gamerz – A responsive theme that is perfect for gaming blogs.

2. Milano – An elegant and stylish theme with a magazine-style layout ideal for gaming sites.

3. WildBook – A magazine-style theme perfect for enthusiast gaming blogs.

4. Brave – A free WordPress theme perfect for gaming websites.

5. EpicGame – A theme with an inspirational design ideal for gaming blogs.

6. Superb – A theme with a clean and modern design great for gaming websites.

7. Gaming Mag – A responsive WordPress theme great for gaming blogs.

8. Gamezine – An attractive theme built for gaming and technology sites.

9. Video Games – An impressive magazine style theme perfect for gaming blogs.

10. Gamers – A customizable and responsive blogging theme suitable for gaming websites.

What features should I look for in a free WordPress theme for a gaming blog?

1. Responsive layout: Make sure the theme you select is responsive and looks good on mobile devices.

2. SEO optimized: A good gaming WordPress theme should be optimized for search engine optimization to help you get more traffic from search engines.

3. Widgets and custom menus: Look for themes that provide options to add widgets and custom menus for easy navigation and organization of content.

4. Social media integration: A good gaming blog theme should come with social media integration such as social sharing buttons and other elements from popular services like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

5. Gaming specific features: If you’re creating a gaming blog, consider themes that come with options for displaying collections of games, reviews, ratings, and more.

6. Advertisement integration: If you plan to monetize your blog, look for free WordPress themes with options for integrating banners and other types of ads.

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